Welcome to my site.  My name is Angelo Ricco and I am an aspiring fantasy / adventure writer.  Over the past year or so I have been working on the first novel in a new series which will be titled Chronlicles of Heveilus.  The stories will all be set in the fantasy world of Hevelius.

The first book in the series will be titled Magician's Betrayal and will tell the story of Fredrikk Soulbright as he journeys across Hevelius in search of his long lost sister Sylvanna.  Along the way Fredrikk meets brave Alexander Gilcrest, has a run in (or two) with a band of cut-throats called Rydan's Reavers, and does battle with various other foes.

Please check back soon.   The first four chapters of Magician's Betrayal should be added within the next little while.

I am currently working on the following stories:

Chronicles of Hevelius:
Book 1 - Magician's Betrayal
Book 2 - Vindication

The Magician A'lzhar - A short story about the man who found the Eye of Hevelius.

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